Well you can’t have a blog without, you know, blogging! So I will take this time to create the very first blog on Save Myself! I will start by telling you why I decided to create this site in the first place.

Hi, My name is Crystal Hickerson. I am a novelist, pod-caster, and have worked as a grief counselor in my career. I have interacted with people for over 20 years who are dealing with the death of a loved one. I myself have lost many people to death, some by illness, some by accidents, and others who have died tragically due to murder and suicide.

These losses in my life along with others has made me very acute to my mental and emotional state of mind. I have contemplated suicide often but I strive to remain alive and healthy for my children. I battled breast cancer and though that was a physical fight it weighed on me heavily emotionally. Depression and anxiety is a very real part of my life. I have been asked many time when people hear parts of my life’s journey “How did you survive?” It’s an honest question.

With this site I hope to share with you how I have come to still be breathing after my journey so far. There’s no one answer. But I take it one day at a time, one pain at a time, and hope to encourage others to do the same.

Thank you for reading, now let’s get started!

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